Adoption & Effective Use

Collective 2014 in Sydney: Re-Imagining Effective Work and User Adoption Strategies

Sitrion is hosting its annual user conference in three cities during May: Orlando, Amsterdam, and Sydney. I will be presenting a couple of things at Collective 2014 in Sydney, on May 27 and 28:

Keynote on May 27, 10.35am
I will be presenting a keynote speech on Tuesday morning, entitled Re-Imagining Effective Work. Here’s the abstract:

New technologies of all kinds are often applied to known processes, bringing automation and efficiency. While there is nothing wrong with that, the real gain comes from re-imagining what work looks like, and how to bring improvements beyond mere efficiency. Michael explores this idea as it relates to new collaboration and social tools, and provides practical guidance on being able to re-imagine effective work.

To register for the conference, please head over to the Asia Pacific registration page.

Workshop on May 28
I will be presenting a full day post-conference workshop on User Adoption Strategies. It is open to the public, so you don’t have to attend the conference on the 27th to quality attending the workshop on the 28th. Here’s the abstract:

Over the course of one day, you’ll learn about the main ideas in the book, plus have an opportunity to discuss, debate and localise what you are hearing with the other attendees. Since many organisations will be in attendance, from across many industries, there will be lots of opportunity to maximise cross-fertilisation of ideas. If you are an intranet manager, community manager, collaboration manager, strategy manager, communications manager, knowledge manger, IT decision maker or in any way already involved in or planning to be involved in using new collaboration tools inside your organisation, you would benefit greatly from this public workshop. The public seminar is based on Michael Sampson’s book, User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012).

For more on the workshop, please see workshop agenda and registration details.