Re-Imagining Effective Work

Reimagining Effective Work: Principles and a Process

If leveraging of advanced technologies for transformation requires more than mere purchase and common usage patterns, we need to develop the ability to approach technology differently. Seeking more than a tactical embrace of new technology and moving beyond the artificial or surface-level impacts demands a change in us. A change in how we look at how work can be improved, what we believe to be right about the design of work currently and into the future, and even the role that we ascribe to technology in creating opportunities for transformation. Two tools are necessary for embarking on this journey: a set of principles to transform our mindset and a process to follow.

In this report, we explicate six principles and outline a step-by-step model for reimagining effective work.

Download Reimagining Effective Work: Principles and a Process (March 2020) (20 pages)