Re-Imagining Effective Work

Reimagining Effective Work: The Changing Face of Work

Change is sweeping across the world, impacting the how, where, why, when and what of work. Individuals are experimenting with freelancing rather than employee models, hierarchies are giving way to organisational networks, work is seeping out of tightly constrained place and time containers into all of life, and the nature of work tasks themselves are morphing. Many of these changes unleash the potential for creativity and flexibility in how work is designed and performed, but at the same time, come with significant health warnings.

This report explores a diverse collection of changes taking place across the working world, unpacking their nature and considering the evidence about their impacts. While there is much to be excited by—and much to leverage for beneficial outcomes—there are also red flags.

Download Reimagining Effective Work: The Changing Face of Work (February 2020) (22 pages)