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Thanks Chan!

I have the rest of this week to finish Seamless Teamwork … so there’s a lot of plates spinning here at the moment. But I must interrupt what I’m doing and shout out a big thanks to Chan Kulathilake from Knowledge Cue for his work in getting my Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Edition (!) up-and-running in time for screen shots for the book.

Thanks for your due professional care and attention to this project Chan, and over your weekend too! Your customization of SharePoint for the book was delightful. Thank you!

And to those of you that don’t know, Chan is a SharePoint MVP, and has recently started his own SharePoint consultancy business called Knowledge Cue. As he writes on the site:

We understand that getting over the first hurdles of adopting SharePoint can be challenging. Our main goal is to provide you with our years of knowledge and best practice for the deployment and adoption of SharePoint for business growth. You may be just starting out with SharePoint or have already adopted SharePoint – whichever the case we can assist you by providing guidance and training.