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Stuart on the New Book

Many thanks to Stuart McIntyre for posting his review comments on my new book:

I got a lot of value from the book, particularly in terms of understanding how the newer aspects of the Office solution, Delve and Graph, fit in to the picture. As ever, Michael is fiercely independent in his approach, and is willing to discuss the issues and hurdles, as well as the benefits of the Office 365 solution, plus a number of “wouldn’t it be cool if” suggestions for future development. I also really appreciated the focus on the behavioural aspects of each use case, as well as the performance improvements that might result from correct deployment and adoption.

Summing up, I believe that this is a guide that is much needed for those considering deploying Office 365 across their organisation.

Read the rest of what Stuart had to say: A new book from Michael Sampson: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

(Stuart’s use of the phrase “fiercely independent” made me smile. In my planning notes on professional values I have the phrase “fiercely independent, relentless optimistic.” I’m pleased to see it coming through.)