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Diane Moore on Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

Diane from Peritia attended the Digital Workplace Conference in New Zealand a couple of months ago. She shared some notes from the event, and also featured my new book as recommended reading (that’s cool!). Here’s what Diane had to say about the book:

Michael shifts the traditional focus “applications and what they can do” toward identifying how an appropriate implementation of Office 365 can improve productivity and performance in eight key areas.

We like Michael’s customer centric approach and his open advocacy for clear thinking, good decision making, creating business value and ensuring the effective use of technologies and capabilities.

The approach presented in the book provides a powerful framework for creating mutual understanding and implementing new technologies that will be useful beyond the boundaries of Office 365.

See: Recommended Reading: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365.

Thanks Diane!