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Mobility Report, Aug 15

Omni Extends GroupWise to Nokia Series 60
Omni Technology Solutions released Version 2.2 of Omni Mobile, its wireless email solution for Novell GroupWise. The new release adds support for Nokia Series 60 smart phones, with BlackBerry and Nokia Eseries support coming in 4Q2006.

Omni Mobile provides more than just PIM synchronization – it provides a complete on-line and off-line GroupWise caching client for mobile devices. Its native GroupWise look-and-feel lead to quick user adoption and high user satisfaction. Omni Mobile’s server module installs on customers’ existing Novell NetWare, Linux or Windows servers.

Version 2.2 is available immediately.

Source: Omni

Training for Productivity and Collaboration
People-OnTheGo, a provider of productivity training, has released a number of free online training modules to help information workers make good use of email, Microsoft Office, and certain mobile devices.

While e-mail, office applications, and handheld devices are becoming primary tools that impact the workers’ productivity and ability to meet their business objectives, most workers are given these tools and expected to use them with virtually no training and no best practices in place …. As more users, inside and outside the corporate world, look for better ways to handle data, present information, and collaborate with others, innovative and cost effective online training programs will become available. The People-OnTheGo free training modules are an example of such programs, and are intended to provide users and training managers with immediate benefits and a more accurate assessment of their training needs. The productivity online live workshops, Web self-paced classes, and onsite programs can then be the next step to achieve long term and lasting productivity improvements in the workplace.

Source: PRWeb

Nokia upset with Qualcomm
Nokia filed a complaint against Qualcomm, and asked a US court to force Qualcomm to license its mobile technology on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

The complaint asks the court to order Qualcomm to comply with its written agreement with international standards bodies to license intellectual property essential to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) on fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms.

Source: InfoWorld

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