I finally got to attend church with Eric and his family!, Aug 6

Today I had the privilege of worshipping at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita with the Mack family. I’ve been very good friends with Eric Mack for almost a decade, and met his wonderful family during my June 2005 visit, but we’ve never managed to attend church together. There’s something really special about going to church with a brother in Christ, and today we pulled it off.

Grace Baptist celebrates communion on the first Sunday of each month, and perchance that was today. A communion service is where Christians remember the death of Christ, as a precursor to his resurrrection. A tray of bread and grapejuice is passed around, and everyone eats the bread and drinks the grapejuice in an act of corporate remembrance. The worship team and Mike Gaston, the Outreach Pastor, worked together in fluid perfection to thread worship, teaching, instruction, confession of sin, and communion in a wonderful unity. It was a special service, and I’m delighted to have been a part of it.

Prior to the 11am worship service, Eric and Kathy took me to their Adult Sunday School class. I had the privilege of being allowed to recite and act Psalm 119:1-96 from the NIV Bible; I’m still learning it, so just stopped at verse 96 rather than going through to the end at verse 176 (I was at v17 in the picture above). It was wonderful to be permitted to bring this act of worship and meditation to Eric and Kathy’s class.

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