Friends Report, Aug 15

Do a Delight Audit
Jon encourages us to think back over the prior week and ask five questions:

  1. Was there a time this week that I started talking with greater excitement than usual about something and the eyes of the person I was talking to finally glazed over? What were you talking about?
  2. Was there a time this week that you looked at something or someone and everything stopped because you had never really seen that before? What did you see?
  3. Was there a moment this week when you were so intently focused on a task that you completely forgot everything else? What was happening in that moment?
  4. Was there a time this week that you laughed–not a sarcastic snicker or a frustrated snort–but a real delighted laugh? What happened?
  5. Was there a time this week when you actually stopped everything and listened? What did you hear?

He calls this a “delight audit”:

I think that we need to spend time reviewing for the delights. We’ve got to look for the times where we see plans come together, where we see God running our lives in ways that we can’t imagine (happened several times on Thursday alone), where we are astonished by creation or creativity or comfort.

Reminds me of that song we sung a lot in church when I was growing up: “Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”.

Source: Levite Chronicles

Welcome Nick
Nick Fera, the CEO of Parlano has joined the blogspace with They Speak. His first post goes back to the name and positioning of Parlano MindAlign, and his second post reflects on the power of the personal touch in a high-tech world.

Source: Nick Fera’s They Speak

Rod on Mac vs. PC
Rod takes a stab at the Mac vs. PC question, which he says is really Mac OS X vs. Windows (with Vista being the latest iteration). He describes the difference this way:

In OSX, it’s more about the apps. OSX feels like a thin OS that does just enough to provide a host for great applications. In Windows, and more so Vista, you live in the OS and the apps are in there somewhere. You are in Windows. No mistake.

In terms of recommending which way to go, he says go Mac if (a) you run your own business and mainly use a computer to browse the web and do email, and (b) are a small or medium sized business with hosted applications rather than inhouse ones.

Source: Rod Drury

Irwin Left Burton Group …
… and signed on at Nemertes Research as the Principal Analyst and Program Director for Collaboration & Convergence. Congrats on the move Irwin, and all the best!

Source: Irwin’s Blog

Eric Mack Offline No More
Eric’s back! He explains that he’s been offline for 6 weeks due to a number of crunch projects, and is now offering new tasty morsels, such as how to process your inbox post-vacation in 2 minutes and how to use a 24″ LCD Panel as a tool for visual project planning. In respect to the latter, perhaps Eric needs to move to www.ericmackonpaper.com. 😉

Source: Eric Mack

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