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Using Data Analytics on People for Better Decision Making

Chantrelle and Natalie from the Workplace Analytics practice at Microsoft share three ideas of how organisations are using people analytics (defined as “the use of data about human behavior, relationships and traits to make business decisions“):

1. In process transformation, by comparing and contrasting process productivity across different teams within a company. If one team is significantly more productive, they are a “bright spot” (showing that something different is possible), and can be engaged to teach other teams.

2. In cultural transformation, by crunching comparative data on things like managerial interaction with direct reports, and the effect of different levels on employee engagement scores. Having data on the difference can bring real data to change programs.

3. In strategic transformation, by looking at the number of hours people are working each week, and focusing change interventions on people and teams who are not overburdened with work. If there’s no schedule-space for embracing change or experimenting with a new way of doing things – because people are “schedule-slammed” – it’s hard to make progress. See diagram above.

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