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Remote Consulting on Collaboration Strategy

In recent years my international travel has picked up substantially, with public seminars, in-house workshops, and client consulting on the agenda while I’m on the road. When I’m not on the road, however, I still work with clients around the world on their collaboration strategy. This involves discussions and document reviews, with most of the time invested in the latter. For example, these client projects were delivered completely remotely, with no travel required to work with the client:

  • University (New Zealand, 2014) … Provided input on the firm’s adoption and change management strategy for its new SharePoint 2013-based intranet and collaboration environment. Required reviewing the university’s strategy documents, providing written input, and engaging remotely with members of the project team. This was an example of the Auditing Your Collaboration Strategy service.
  • Legal Services Firm (United States, 2013) … Provided an external review for the CIO of the SharePoint 2013-based intranet designs from an external agency. Review comments highlighted opportunities for improvement, as well as various areas of concern to address in the design phase.
  • Financial Services Firm (United States, 2013) … Provided input into the design of the strategy and governance approach for a new collaborative workspace based on SharePoint 2013. After the proof-of-concept was implemented, provided a review of the lessons learned, and gave direction for the pilot phase of the initiative.
  • Legal Services Firm (United States, 2013) … Reviewed the delivery approach for classroom training, and provided input for improving the effectiveness of future sessions. Developed a User Adoption Approach for the firm’s new SharePoint 2013-based intranet.
  • Professional Services Firm (London, 2007) … Provided input into the collaboration strategy and decision approach when selecting a new collaboration technology platform. The client was comparing and contrasting an IBM infrastructure with a Microsoft one.

Therefore, if I can be of help to you with your collaboration strategy in 2015, it may be possible for us to work together without requiring any travel on my part. Of course, that does depend on the nature of the engagement, but the following services fit very nicely into a remote discussion and document review approach:

– Reviewing your internal proposal for a new collaboration strategy.
– Reviewing your proposed approach to user adoption.
– Reviewing your designs for a new collaboration-rich intranet.
– Reviewing your thinking and approach for choosing between collaboration tools from major vendors.

Once we have agreed a timeframe and scope, you will send me the documents or presentations that encapsulate your thinking. I’ll review them, and write up a response to the points raised. This will include feedback on tightening the message, adding other data points, considering different perspectives, etc.

If you would benefit from an external independent viewpoint on your collaboration strategy activities, please get in contact.

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