Michael helps people and organisations explore the impact of contemporary ideas and envision success. Michael equips people with the confidence to act.

Clients are frequently looking for vendor-neutral advice, questioning what to do next, facing significant organisational or market changes, or are proactively exploring new possibilities for creating impact from new technology.

Below is a partial list of the direct client work Michael has undertaken over recent years, with key industry sectors being business services, education and academic, and public sector.

  • Religious Organisation (Canada)
  • Facilitation of a strategic review meeting for the messaging and collaboration tools used by a global religious organisation. Presented on the future of collaboration, facilitated discussions on IBM, Microsoft, and Google, and provided advice to senior leadership on next steps.

  • Food Manufacturer (Australia)
  • Conducted a series of interviews with senior managers to discover opportunities to use new collaboration tools and approaches across the firm. Presented a summary workshop to a representative group of managers and employees, and facilitated a roadmap planning activity.

  • Government Agency (Australia)
  • Review and critique of the agency’s adoption approach for IBM Connections, along with presentations to senior executives (on their role in the success of IBM Connections), all staff, and small groups on the possibilities and opportunities of IBM Connections in day-to-day work.

  • Religious Organisation (United States)
  • Presented a workshop on user adoption strategies for new collaboration tools, and facilitated discussions on applying the strategies within the context of the organisation’s work around the world.

  • Industry Analyst Firm (United States)
  • Researched and wrote research reports for clients on evaluating, migrating to, and making use of Office 365.

  • Financial Services Firm (London)
  • Held a series of discussions around the firm’s current strategy and approach to the use of and adoption profile of SharePoint and Lync in Office 365, as well as the ramifications of adding Yammer into the mix. Engaged with the firm’s communications team to discuss integrating collaboration spaces into the new intranet.

  • University (Netherlands)
  • Presented a workshop on user adoption strategies for IBM Sametime, the unified communications platform selected by the university. Explored strategies the project team could use to encourage adoption, and brainstormed how to be effective with various strategies.

  • Professional Services Firm (Australia)
  • Gave a series of presentations on what is possible with IBM Connections (which the firm had purchased), and then facilitated a discussion around strategy and adoption.

  • University (New Zealand)
  • Provided input on the firm’s adoption and change management strategy for its new SharePoint 2013-based intranet and collaboration environment. Required reviewing the university’s strategy documents, providing written input, and engaging remotely with members of the project team.

  • Financial Services Firm (United States)
  • Convened a two-day workshop on governance, business engagement, and adoption. The workshop examined the firm’s efforts with SharePoint 2013 through a governance lens.

  • Financial Services Firm (United States)
  • Provided input into the design of the strategy and governance approach for a new collaborative workspace based on SharePoint 2013. After the proof-of-concept was implemented, provided a review of the lessons learned, and gave direction for the pilot phase of the initiative.

  • Legal Services Firm (United States)
  • Provided an external review for the CIO of the SharePoint 2013-based intranet designs from an external agency. Review comments highlighted opportunities for improvement, as well as various areas of concern to address in the design phase.

  • Legal Services Firm (United States)
  • Reviewed the delivery approach for classroom training, and provided input for improving the effectiveness of future sessions. Developed a User Adoption Approach for the firm’s new SharePoint 2013-based intranet.