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But we have the same Queen!

There has been some discussion in the UK about making it easier for New Zealand and Australian citizens to enter the country, among other members of Commonwealth countries:

During a debate in parliament at Westminster this week it was argued Europeans were being unfairly favoured over citizens from Commonwealth countries, on the back of a report which claimed UK visa restrictions had resulted in a steep decline in Australian migration in recent years.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell wanted a reformed system which placed more restrictions on European immigration and didn’t “alienate or exclude” people from countries with longer and closer historical links with Britain.

“Being a subject from one of Her Majesty’s realms or being from a Commonwealth nation should count for something when looking to visit, work, study or live in the United Kingdom,” he said.

“At the moment it appears to count for little.”

The Tory backbencher called on the government to seriously consider London Mayor Boris Johnson’s proposals for bilateral mobility zones between economically developed Commonwealth nations.

Having been in and out of the UK numerous times in recent years, I would love to see this go through. The interrogation at the UK Border as to why I am entering (always on business) has often led me to want to say “but we have the same Queen.” I respect the right of each country to set its own entry requirements, but would be delighted to see an easier pathway into the UK if these changes are introduced.

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