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Sit to Stand Desk Option – the Varidesk

I have had sit down desks forever, but there is an increasing level of noise / advice / advocacy about the idea of getting a stand-up desk or at least a sit-to-stand option. One approach is Varidesk, which provides an add-on that sits on top of your current desk and provides a sit-to-stand method. Here’s some review comments from a user in New Zealand:

The black construction looked great on top of the desk and feels stable, even when loaded with a monitor or being leaned on while surfing the net. A local mechanic did comment that the bolts on the up/down mechanism were not built to last forever but that fits with the pricing of the Varidesk, in comparison to other sit/stand options. At only $455 it’s an affordable way to join the revolution without shelling out for a whole new desk. And hey, it does come completely assembled, with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

From an ergonomic and bio-mechanical perspective the models with the separate keyboard panel fulfill the requirement to maintain the relative keying and viewing heights. Being able to have the monitor at a different height than your keyboard is crucial for avoiding the sore neck and headaches that can occur from constantly dropping the head to look downwards.

I tried one last month for a couple of days. It was great, but I had to send it back because my gear was too heavy for it, and it didn’t lift up without being pulled up (my monitors were over the maximum weight recommendation). I discussed the problem with Varidesk New Zealand, and while they initially said that Varidesk US wouldn’t honour the warranty if anything happened to it, they did come back later and say the would honour the warranty if anything happened. I decided to send it back because of the excessive weight on it, and also because of some concerns about having it up in a home office (with kids coming into the office throughout the day). I look forward to getting a stand-up desk at some point, for but for the moment, I’m still sitting.

In terms of the Varidesk, however, I recommend it as a great alternative to (a) sitting all the time, and (b) having to buy a whole new desk.

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