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Surface Pro 3 in Manufacturing

The Surface team at Microsoft shared a couple of case studies of customers in industrial design and manufacturing businesses. The video above is about Bob Mileti:

For industrial designers like Bob Mileti of Trlby Innovative,there’s always a goal to balance simplicity, power, and usability in everything they create. Surface is the perfect device to support this goal because it’s a portable powerhouse that brings together familiar design tools in a simple, light form factor. Using such a light and portable device has helped Bob ensure that he always has his designs and data with him at home, at the office, on the shop floor or with the customer. But for Bob, what’s ultimately critical is power. With an Intel core processor, Surface can run the full-fledged version of intensive design software like Siemens Solid Edge, which means it’s simple view and edit complex designs with more than a thousand components from anywhere. Where before Bob would have to use his desktop to really make changes or edits to his designs, with Surface he can work from wherever he wishes. This isn’t like other tablets that only provide viewing capabilities – Surface enables full productivity on the go.

There are some good thought-provoking ideas in the video.

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  1. I like the sound bite that “I used my iPad just to view documents”, where as with the Surface I can actually do work.

    I think that is the *key* use case that Microsoft need to focus on, our office workers don’t use 3D CAD, but how many people are going to edit their complex Excel models on an iPad even with the new iPad Excel apps.