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No More Devices and Services Strategy; What About the Surface Pro?

When the new CEO at Microsoft announced the end of Microsoft’s devices and services strategy a few months ago, I wondered what this meant for the Surface line. If the old strategy was eliminated in full, that would mean the Surface product line would have to go too, and if that was the case, I’d be disappointed because I think it holds great current value and much future potential.

In a blog post a month ago, the Surface team gave some assurance that Surface is here to stay.

Surface Pro 3 is off to a strong start with both individuals and businesses. We understand why: it is a great device for fun but also great for getting things done. Recently, we’ve received a lot of interest (and questions) from businesses about how Surface Pro 3 will work for them and what Microsoft’s longer-term commitment to Surface is in businesses of all sizes. We are here to address those questions and to share a Surface Pro 3 offer tailored for business customers.

Some specifics in the blog post that stood out to me:
– various large organizations are embracing the Surface Pro 3 as a standard laptop replacement.
– Microsoft is working hard to make the Surface business friendly from a support point of view, both internally for IT professionals and externally when interacting with Microsoft.
– three current accessories will be compatible with the next generation of the Surface Pro line – the Type Covers, the Docking Station, and infrastructure accessories (e.g., power adapters).
– a discount for buying a Surface Pro 3, Type Cover, and Docking Station at the same time.

The blog post ends with some words from the CEO too.

So … good news in the short term. Longer term support will require good resonance in the market (e.g., lots more sales), as would be expected.

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