Conference Notes

Social Connections VII – Next Week in Stockholm

The seventh Social Connections event is being held in Stockholm next week. The event provides two days of content and discussions on social business and IBM Connections. I attended and spoke at the fifth event in Zurich (June 2013). I wish I could go to this one … but having just got back from Europe, I can’t.

The agenda looks great. Louis Richardson from IBM is presenting the keynote, with this description:

How many times have you observed some scene, or behavior, or reaction that made you want to ask “What were you thinking?” This question arises because you are outside the situation, looking on with an obvious different view that results in you questioning the sanity of the person you are observing.

What’s interesting is the person being observed is often oblivious to the situation. Now for the news flash…it’s very likely that you are that person. We’ve all been there.

During this session, we’re going to look at some of the business situations we find ourselves in. But instead of the normal approach, we’re going to take the viewpoint of an outsider, someone unfamiliar with our habits and practices. Hopefully we’ll see why they might respond with “What were you thinking?”

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