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Workplace IT Nightmares: Stuff

Stuff is the online go-to-news source in New Zealand; a good aggregation of newspapers from across the country, plus online only news. A current assignment for one of the writers is about workplace IT nightmares:

A staggering $9 billion is spent on IT in New Zealand every year, yet new research shows almost 80 per cent of New Zealand workers believe they’re not as productive as they could be due to their workplace IT systems.

Are you one of them?

Has IT made your job easier or is your working day plagued by the eternally-spinning egg timer, or black screen of death?

Do you spend more time turning computers, printers and projectors on and off again than you do getting your job done?

What are the biggest frustrations you’ve faced with IT in the workplace? Maybe you work in IT and find it’s usually the workers who are to blame instead of the machines…

Whatever your funny stories or frustrations, share your workplace IT nightmares by clicking the big green button.

What’s your worst IT nightmare?

(If it’s about collaboration tools specifically, perhaps you could share your story below in the comments).

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