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Social Connections VI – Prague

As you may know, I’m heading to Europe at the end of next week for a two week workshop tour. When the tour was originally under design, the intent was to align it with Social Connections VI – which at one point was going to be held in mid May. But the dates got shifted, and it’s now in mid-June. I very much enjoyed participating in Social Connections V in Zurich last June, so would have loved to participate again … but it isn’t to be this time.

Anyway, the Social Connections VI production team has recently published the schedule for the two day conference in Prague (June 16-17). It is looking great, and there are a number of sessions I would attend were I there. It’s always good to hear current case studies, learn about adoption approaches, and how to make IBM Connections work in organizational life.

There is also a third day available at the conference, for a post-conference workshop. Luis Suarez is presenting From Adoption to Adaptation, From Enablement to Engagement on Wednesday April 18. Here’s the overview of the workshop:

What if instead of “driving” adoption within your organisation, you could inspire and facilitate adaptation instead? What if you would have the means to re-define a new way of working with your fellow colleagues and peers through that very same adaptation to become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise? What if that methodology, good practices, extensive expertise and know-how would all be at your fingertips, so you could apply it right away? What if you knew the nuts and bolts of getting your management and senior leadership teams all involved right from the start to help facilitate the final social business transformation you have always been looking for? Are you ready?

Come and join us on this one day masterclass to find out and learn how you can get the most out of your IBM Connections deployment to begin, or continue, that transformation journey into becoming a successful Social Business.

I really like discussing social business adoption and effectiveness with Luis – which we’ve done at IBM Connect 2013, in London in October 2013, and by Skype just recently. You should attend the workshop if you’ll be at the conference. I would be attending if I was there.

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  1. Hi Michael, it’s a big bummer you won’t be able to make it to Social Connections VI in Prague this year as I was very much looking forward to meeting up again to exchange further along further insights and experiences on our very own journeys helping orgs. towards that Social Business Transformation Journey and it’s unfortunate the dates didn’t work out this time around. Either way, I am sure there would plenty other opportunities for us to bump into each other.

    Many thanks for the kind comments on the workshop I will be organising the day after the main event. It’s going to be lots of good fun and very informative all along, although I know I have got a huge task in keeping up with the tremendously powerful workshop you hosted last year as well for this event. I am hoping I’d be able to keep up with the excellent work you did and I’m looking forward to perhaps at some point in time, when dates and times and the stars align to co-host a workshop together! That would be quite something and a privilege for yours truly.

    Thanks again for the lovely write-up and wish you all the very best on the European Tour you are about to commence! Happy and safe travels!