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An Update on my European Tour – Eight Engagements in 10 Days

At the end of next week I’m heading to Europe for a two week workshop tour. I wrote about the tour last month, and in the intervening weeks there have been a couple of changes. My schedule now is:

– Monday May 5 – Collaboration Roadmap (Norway with IBSG)
– Tuesday May 6 – User Adoption Strategies (Norway with IBSG)
– Wednesday May 7 – Doing Business with IBM Connections (Norway with IBSG)
– Thursday May 8 – SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration (Norway with Microsoft)
– Monday May 12 – Meetings in London
– Tuesday May 13 – Doing Business with IBM Connections (Denmark, with IntraVision)
– Wednesday May 14 – Doing Business with IBM Connections (Switzerland, with WebGate)
– Thursday May 15 – User Adoption Strategies (Switzerland, with WebGate)
– Friday May 16 – Innovation Day (Switzerland, with WebGate)

So the changes to my schedule are:

1. The addition of a new SharePoint-focused workshop on Thursday May 8 in Norway. This will a SharePoint specific version of the Collaboration Roadmap workshop, drawing on my work with organizations using SharePoint over recent years.

2. The Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop in Denmark with IntraVision is now also the DanNotes event for May. There could be 40 or more people in attendance … which isn’t quite as big as my record of 65 in a workshop (Ireland, March 2010), but about twice as many people as I normally work with. It will be great …

3. Friday May 16 in Switzerland was going to be a second run of the Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop with WebGate. We have a different and broader session for the day now – the WebGate Innovation Day. I will be presenting a couple of sessions, and the day will also feature sessions from Luis from CEMEX, Uffe from IBM, and Christian G├╝demann from WebGate. There’s also some great Swiss coffee on offer throughout.

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