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CrossFit for Business

Nicholas proposes applying the ideas of CrossFit to business:

Cross-fit is a high intensity interval training methodology and is brilliant for those who want to get really, really fit. It also has a strong following amongst specialist athletes. Traditionally a runner would get excellent at their craft by er… running. And although it of course works it can lead to over-training, becoming more prone to injury as not all muscles are developed and sheer boredom. Introduce some cross-fit to the training portfolio allows a stronger, leaner more ‘integrated’ body and builds plenty of motivation with fresh daily goals.

How about cross-fit for business? As organisations increasingly build silos, departments are not always fully aware of what their colleagues really do and certainly don’t always respect the work of other teams. But if sales did have to do some work in accounts? If marketing did have to go out into the field? If support did have to work on the production line? Maybe it would fire up unused muscle, maybe create a leaner, meaner organisation and above all stop the lack of integration between departments.

It’s a pretty compelling idea – get a wider perspective, walk (run) in someone else’s shoes, feel the challenges “they” experience, incorporate it all into a new shared repertoire, and … enhance your organization’s capability to work collaboratively. Many organizations used to do this via rotations through the different functional areas … perhaps it is an idea whose time has re-come.

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