Re-Imagining Effective Work

Re-Imagining Effective Work – at Cisco

During a call yesterday afternoon I referred to a case study I had read from Cisco about how they re-imagined the role of a sales specialist, and the various benefits they had achieved by doing so. The other party asked for the reference – please see How Cisco Supports Virtual Access to Technical Experts (PDF, 6 pages):

This case study describes how Cisco is increasing the effectiveness and productivity of Cisco sales support technology experts by using Cisco Unified Communications and collaboration solutions and other tools for working virtually and immediately, bringing expertise to customers at the right time. This program has increased the quantity and quality of customer interactions that help to accelerate the sales cycle and increase revenue while also providing a better work/life balance and productivity for the specialists. Additionally, this program has reduced growth in the number of expert staff and travel expenses. Cisco customers can draw on Cisco’s real-world experience in this area to help support similar enterprise needs.

On a scale of one (terrible) to five (excellent), this is a “five.” Excellent work at re-imagining what “effectiveness” means in light of new ways of working.

(There is a shorter write-up here – Cisco sales department accelerates productivity by over 20% with the Cisco WebEx Technology Group, but the longer report has greater richness of information)