Conference Notes

Changing the Way People Find Experts at CEMEX, Luis Garza (Social Connections V, Zurich)

Luis Garza from CEMEX is talking about how people now find experts at CEMEX. Some notes:

1. Luis started by showing a video about how bringing ideas together improves current practices at CEMEX.

2. CEMEX is a global building company. More than 50 countries. About 44,000 employees. The last few years have been difficult for the construction sector. The CEO and Executive Committee were looking for ways to overcome the problems. The CEO created some initiatives for addressing these problems.

3. Resulted in the introduction of SHIFT – a Connections-based intranet, along with Portal. Used a very strong adoption strategy.

4. Created five core innovation initiatives. Appointed executives and operative leaders. Currently have 400-800 members worldwide, all regions represented. Quarterly results presented to Executive Committee. Success with these innovation initiatives encouraged other groups to start new communities – in January 2013 had 2,000 communities.

5. A couple of the innovation initiatives – ready-mix products, alternative fuels. For Alternative Fuels, were able to identify ways of moving away from fossil fuels. Resulted in savings of US$250 million over the first two years.

6. What’s next? How to find expertise in CEMEX – including identifying experts, get more value from experts, increase adoption, and interact with our core processes.
– for developing expertise, developed an application in partnership with IBM Research for crawling Connections. It gives recommendations via a heat map for how to learn new information and develop expertise.
– another application gives a single page view of priority community content. Developed in partnership with ISW. Is managed by the community owner.
– Licensed Community Insights from IBM Research, to provide paths of action for community leaders to increase adoption and business value.
– For linking to business processes, integrating SAP worklist items in the Activity Stream. Developed with ISW and IBM.
– Extending to mobile devices, but not using the mobile apps. Have their own Shift App Store.

7. Roadmap for social business – one direction is to integrate internal and external collaboration tools to core apps.