Conference Notes

WorX for Secretaries (Social Connections V, Zurich)

Nienke (Saxion University) and Sasja (e-office) are talking about one use case of IBM Connections – for secretaries. Some notes:

1. Saxion WorX is the vision of the new way of working. Objectives include efficiency, collaboration, and co-creation, among others.

2. Chose the secretaries to work with, because they are the link between the schools and everything that is going on. They are a key user group. Created some KPIs for secretaries, including management’s perception of proactivity, and enhance the perception of unburdening by management. Also quantitative, such as reducing time coordinating calendars and time spent in meetings. Ultimately wanted to create the perception by the manager that they were unburdened.

Actions required – get to know each other better, collaborate more intensively, and share knowledge. Among other goals.

3. How did we do this? In-depth interviews with secretaries and managers (what are they doing, how long is it taking?). Had workshops. Learning days. Work scenarios (availability and accessibility, meeting smarter, and professional development). Then embedding in the organization (the current focus).

Held a three-day workshop – “learning days.”

4. Focused on bringing interactivity and fun into the program – professional photographs, along with a make-up artist before taking the profile photo. Created a ladder booklet, for showing levels of skill with IBM Connections. Gave a guideline for what to do to get better, and gave them badges when they did it. Used “crossing the line” exercise – two sides of an argument laid out, and you cross the line to stand on either side.

5. Story about meetings. One secretary wanted to reduce her time by four hours per week – the amount of work remained the same, but she wanted to get it done faster. Started using the Meetings Scenario, and was able to eliminate one meeting by four hours. She did the set up in the activity, and they took the notes, followed through the items, etc.