Conference Notes

Drive Business with IBM Connections Content Manager, Heidi Ambler (Social Connections V, Zurich)

Heidi Ambler, the Director of Product Management for Social Software at IBM Connections is presenting the opening keynote at Social Connections V. Some notes:

1. Heidi has been involved with “Connections” since 2005-2006, which wasn’t called Connections then. Connections was a new product based on internal IBM research and various products.

2. Is going to talk about how social collaboration is driving business value. Need to be creative in how you apply IBM Connections – it’s a flexible platform.

3. Some market data:
– employees spend 28 hours writing email and searching for information (McKinsey, July 2012).
– it’s difficult to re-use intellectual capital, because it is hidden in system silos.
– many of us waste time re-inventing the wheel. How can we re-use content? If we can figure this out, organizations can become a whole more effective/ efficient.
– there are other trends that change the way we work too — mobility, cloud-based services (getting IT out of the decision process).
– people make it all happen.
– social + mobile + cloud + people = business value
– with social business, there’s a 25% improvement opportunity in knowledge worker productivity (McKinsey, July 2012)
– $1.3 trillion value opportunity per year.
– increased spending from $0.5 billion in 2010 to $3.5 billion in 2016 (IDC, June 2011) – 700% growth
– tools are becoming mission critical / essential to day-to-day work. Eg., outcry when upgrading servers.

4. There’s a tremendous amount of value to be achieved through social tools. It’s best to use an integrated platform, and unsurprisingly, Heidi recommends IBM Connections. Social analytics is the secret sauce – it brings people and content together.

5. Six areas are proven to benefit from social business. These have come about due to wanting to raise the conversation about the bits and bytes.
– knowledge sharing and ideation – open communications, open sharing, etc.
– find expertise – locate available expertise, etc.
– external customer insights
– recruiting and onboarding
– merger and acquisiton
– safety

IBM is going to put increased focus on helping organizations with these social business patterns.

6. One pattern to focus on – knowledge sharing and ideation.
– Question – “how to get from ideas to documented knowledge”
– focal areas – crowdsource ideas, working openly and fostering transparency, create a hub for team collaboration.
– at IBM, internal product teams drive new features through ideation blogs. Are used for ranking possibilities.
– new capability in Connections 4.5 – Connections Content Manager. A truly integrated document management capabilities. Enables social to meet content. Updates and notifications are brought to where the person is working.
– findability is enhanced with social analytics find and discovery. Takes into consideration the user’s network graph and interests.
– analytics highlight most active content, etc.

7. All the patterns add up to … proven business value across the board.

8. Summary:
– Social is here. Start now.
– Have a single integrated social platform.
– Social can and will change how business is conducted.