Conference Notes

Sponsors at Social Connections V (Zurich)

Social Connections V is a user group conference, which does not charge a conference fee. Many vendors supported the conference through sponsorship. Here’s the vendors that were on the showcase floor:

– Ephox, showing EditLive for IBM Connections. It’s an add-in for IBM Connections that brings rich text editing into the Connections tools. It brings back in the essential tools like copy-and-paste that retains the formatting, compared to the default approach of stripping it all out. It’s a tool that accelerates user adoption.

– Cobra Technologies is showing the Cobra Image Router. Takes scanned documents and routes it to Connections Files, Content Manager, or FileNet. It automatically reads the document, and stores it in the right place – and adds metadata, etc. Cobra is launching this add-in for Connections today. See

– ISW from Australia is showing Kudos Badges, the reward and recognition platform for IBM Connections. It provides a range of ways to encourage user adoption. For example, CEMEX is using Kudos Badges in its implementation of Connections; a key component is Kudos Thanks and Awards. See

– Belsoft is a Swiss-based company with customers around the world. Has 33 employees. Has three business units – applications, security, and systems. For the Belsoft Applications unit, focuses on IBM collaboration solutions, including Notes/Domino, Sametime, and IBM Connections. Are an IBM Premier Business Partner. Offers a full-range of capabilities, including the strategy and technical aspects.

– Collaboration Matters is a UK-based Social Business consultancy that marries business consultancy, advanced IBM Connections professional services and cloud-based delivery of Social Business platforms. With it’s SocialCloud managed service operating from the US, Canada and the UK, they deliver worldwide Connections solutions to organisations with 100 users or more. Stuart McIntyre and Sharon Bellamy, two of the organizers for Social Connections, are on staff at Collaboration Matters. See

– Infoware Solutions is a consulting company, that also develops add-on tools for administrators for Domino and Connections. Infoware is showcasing the upcoming release of Domain Patrol Social, which helps with moving content around in IBM Connections. Eg., moving activities from one community to another (or standalone), integrating blogs / wikis / forums, and merging communities. Historical notifications to content in a community that has been merged with another community will still work. See

– e-Jan Networks is showing its tool, Cachatto, for providing remote access to enterprise applications from mobile devices. Cachatto can connect to Notes/Domino, Connections, file servers, web applications, and more. There is no need to change the firewall settings. No data is stored on the device, making it more secure if devices are lost or stolen. e-Jan is based in Japan, and works with about 500 customers. See

– WebGate is showcasing how to move existing business applications into the social environment, such as Notes and SAP. Have created a method for transforming old style applications into very modern Web based applications – it’s a methodology called AUTOP. WebGate is a consulting firm, working on IBM Connections and other tools. Advises companies on user adoption, and is a Kudos business partner.

– TimeToAct Group is demonstrating its Connections Administration Toolkit, which is an integrated system to enhance the administrative tasks in IBM Connections. For example, it can list all Communities, including Restricted (hidden) ones, to enable addressing of access privilege challenges. TimeToAct is also demonstrating its tools for integrating web content management into IBM Connections. See

– Actiance offers add-on capabilities for IBM Connections to support regulatory compliance. It’s Actiance Vantage platform supports IBM Connections as well as a range of other collaboration platforms. See

Many thanks to all of the sponsors for the contributions to the success of Social Connections V.

Finally, the event could not have happened without the support of IBM, who was the premier sponsor. IBM provided a wonderful facility in Zurich for the conference, as well as all of the catering during the event.