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Notes on INV103 Social Communications Strategy and the IBM Sametime Roadmap

John Del Pizzo and Brian Ricker from the IBM Sametime team are talking about the roadmap for Sametime. Some notes:

Social Communications Matures
1. Social communications – from dial tone (calling a location), to presence (calling a known person), to relevance (calling the right person, based on Connections profiles).

2. A transition from unified communications to social communications. Know who the experts are, new communication tools, and reduction of low value requests (they are automatically available through Connections).
– … eg., by sharing a file, other people don’t have to interrupt me to find it.

3. There’s a number of sessions here at IBM Connect about the use of Sametime in organizations, and the integration into business processes.

Sametime in 2012
4. Key themes in 2012 – rich communications, mobility, social networks, and cloud.

5. In early spring, released the IBM Connections Suite (including Sametime Advanced, Unified Telephony Lite, Connections, and FileNet Content Manager).

6. For compliance, worked with Actiance to release Vantage for IBM Sametime. Includes event archiving for ediscovery.

7. Did about 12 mobile client updates in 2012.

8. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business includes Sametime Meetings.

9. Demo (with Brian):
– Sametime Meetings in the cloud. Integrates with Connections for uploading files directly into the meeting. There’s also a performance check to see what’s happening with network connectivity. Currently working on adding audio conferencing into SmartCloud.

10. Work with a vast ecosystem of partners. Special call out to Arkadin (voice conferencing added to Sametime), Epilio (to integrate PGI audioconferencing with Sametime), Cisco (for telephony, done some interface simplification), and others.

11. Installed base of 32 million users. 40% of new users don’t use Notes as well.

12. Video today – active speaker, switched experience. Desktop only. Advanced capabilities require third party solutions. The next version – full software based MCU, shows multiple people at once, support for new types of clients, better multi-location geographical support, support for Polycom SVC based hardware end points.

13. Voice and video support on mobile devices, including telephony support.

14. Visual roll-call in the iPad, to see who is on the call. Trying to simplify the meeting experience.

15. Tight integration with IBM Connections. Today – presence in a person’s profile; Sametime status bar in Connections, save Sametime chat transcript to Activities or Communities, ask questions to Connections Community members.

16. Some future capabilities – tying a Sametime Meeting Room to a community, searching Connections profile from IBM Sametime.

17. For SmartCloud – browser-based chat client, audio conferencing, and server side recording.

18. A modernized user experience. A significant revamp of the user experience.

19. To learn more, go to other Sametime sessions at IBM Connect.

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