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Notes on KEY101 Industries Get Social

The second day of IBM Connect 2013 is just beginning. First up for most people is the keynote on the main stage. Some notes:

Bob Picciano, GM, Information Management and Big Data
– Three years ago Bob was the GM of the Lotus collaboration area.
– It’s all just beginning again. For IBM and its customers. And for Bob – with a new GM role.
– What are the important industry trends that we have to understand, in order to make sense and use of social business. That’s about big data.

Adam Klaber, Managing Partner, Global Business Services, New Markets, IBM
– Adam and his team work with clients on social business, mobile, analytics, commerce, etc.
– The next wave is building systems of engagement – to enable employees and customers to interact every day.
– Digital, mobile, and social technologies transform business and communications:
– … customers are leading the conversations.
– … partners are interacting to accelerate business value
– … employees are using social media, at work and at home.
– … organizations are crowd-sourcing ideas to bring new solutions to market.
– the four “I’s” – How we Interact, how we become Informed, how we Integrate the supply chain … so that we can drive Innovation.
– The shift is permitted by technology-enabled social industries.
– … see the report, The Business of Social Business.
– Customers are struggling to understand what to do next – they get the concept of digital, mobile, social, and analytics. How does it change the culture, how do we use the technologies in a different way?
– IBM is investing significantly in upskills its services capabilities. Eg., new collaborations between the services business, and the collaboration software business, and the research area. Bringing new consulting services to the market. New Social Business Center of Competence.

Dan Pelino, GM, Global Public Sector, IBM
– Addressing real examples; three mini-series.
– (1) Healthcare
– … 300 million people in the US will qualify for healthcare benefits. 30 million are coming into the system for the first time.
– … Bill Fandrich, CIO, Blue Cross Blue Shield MA. Have been working on a new approach to health care plans since 2006. Have been working in a more retail and personalized fashion. Changing technology has made a big impact, as well as the market changes. Four years ago started the journey with using IBM portal technology. The iPhone and iPad were low use; now they are the most used access points. Don’t focus on specific technologies – instead look at principles that drive strategy. Demand for services is growing 40% a year; up from less than 20% during 2006-2010. Huge growth in data, which demands the need to understand what the data means. The changing dynamics in healthcare plans: helping people make better / more informed decisions. Need to use member data to support personalization – need to bring personal data together to help members make the best healthcare decisions.
– … Dallas Children’s Hospital – have a system to allow parents and family members to share stories about their conditions and experiences.
– … Changing ideas in healthcare – from cowboys to pit crews. See the article in Harvard Business Review.

– (2) Retail
– … Maree Foti, HR Manager, Retention. David Jones.
– … … David Jones – 175 years experience in Australia. 36 stories. 8000 employees.
– … … Are using IBM Connections. Came from a focus on employee retention. Plus wider business drivers — wanted better two-way communication, realtime access to information, and something that complemented existing channels. Eg., wanted to enhance what was going on.
– … … Pilot implementation with 1,000 employees. Launched October 2012. Aiming for a take-up rate of 75% by July 2013; currently at 65%.
– … … Starting to see some behavioral change – “I found out about this on The Thread.” People see it as a valid place.
– … … Based on feedback from the pilot group, just under half are not sure whether it will improve two-way communication. Are now planning how to take advantage of this group.
– … … three top tips for adoption: (1) bring the platform to life for others. (2) create great content – fresh, interesting, engaging. (3) engage champions at all levels of the business.
– … … future focus – how to take advantage of The Thread on a day-to-day basis. Eg., improving collaboration, capturing feedback from others.

– (3) Government
– … Thinking about the communities we live in – how can our leaders create better conditions for us all? Providing a level of collaboration to work with us.
– … Jeff Rhoda, GM, Global Government, IBM
– … … We are all citizens somewhere. It’s of interest to all of us.
– … … Social business approaches impact governments. Eg., can use analytics to predict where crime could occur.
– … … A transition – from informing citizens, to engaging citizens.
– … Mike Van Milligen, City Manager, City of Dubuque
– … … Technology and community engagement is changing the way the city is serving its citizens.
– … … The city survived a near death experience, but came back to life and is growing. Has been renewing growth and prosperity over the past couple of decades.
– … … Focus – sustainability, enabled by technology. Three strands – social and cultural, economic, and environmental. How to save money, conserve resources, and support the local economy and environment.
– … … Are doing various studies about sustainability. Eg., water usage, leading to reduction in wastage. Eg., electricity – 45% of participants found a way to reduce usage, leading to some savings. Eg., a smarter travel approach – eg., new and more efficient bus routes.
– … … Lesson (1) – incremental changes are best. People can’t change everything at once.
– … … Lesson (2) – We have to engage with citizens through a range of channels. Not every citizen will be online.

Concluding Comments
Let’s make the world a smarter planet.

Deepen relationships by:
– providing a great experience.
– offering value in every interaction
– innovating across the ecosystem.

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