Conference Notes

Notes on ID301 What's New and Coming in IBM Connections

Luis Benitez and David Brooks are talking about upcoming capabilities in the next version of IBM Connections. Some notes:

1. Connections is part of a wider platform. Have been doing this for 6 years. Will continue to evolve the platform. The basis of the platform is people.

1a. The wider platform is the IBM Platform for Social Business – including social networking, social analytics, social content, and one more.

1b. Future versions – (a) advancing the platform, (b) social analytics, (c) mobile and social everywhere, and (d) social business solutions, from business partners.

2. In Connections Next:
– revised style sheets, for making Connections look like a corporate brand.
– @(Name) view – to show all messages directed to you.
– New option in Ideation Blog – to Export Ideas. Takes them to a spreadsheet, for roll-out or reporting.
– Can merge ideas in the Ideation Blog. Integrates the vote count. Marks one as duplicated, and takes it out of the open ideas view.
– Activity stream updates take be “liked” in stream. You don’t have to open the item first.
– Can add multiple libraries to a single community. Can then edit library settings directly in line, on the Overview page.
– Content Types for required metadata, on documents in a library.
– Review / approval process for new documents. If you are the reviewer, you have buttons displaying inline to tell you what you need to do (eg., Approve, Reject, Stop Review).
– Folders and nested folders for organizing files, in a library.
– Can share something to a person’s profile.
– Surveys are coming in first half of 2013 – natively integrated support for surveys. Results can be graphically depicted, in a variety of ways. Surveys can have questions of different types (date, text, tick box, etc.)
– Can customize the look and feel of profiles.
– Inline viewing of slide decks. Can open a file page in Connections, and click the View button. Don’t have to download the slide deck first.
– files that are shared with someone will be automatically downloaded to the user’s computer, using IBM Connections File Sync.
– … for Windows users, there is integration directly into Windows Explorer, for sharing files with other people. Can be shared with people outside of Connections, too.
– … added a sidebar to Microsoft Outlook, for getting access to IBM Connections. Eg., can send a link to a file in Connections.
– … round trip editing.
– On iPad:
– … file sync for new files. Differential changes are sync’d, not the whole thing again.
– … files are download and encrypted.
– … from Connections, you can do a remote wipe of a lost or stolen iPad.
– … documents can be previewed before downloading the whole thing. Can edit in IBM Docs.
– … the apps for mobile devices can be configured by administrators; eg., adding new apps down the left hand side.
– Bringing the IBM BPM experience into Connections – for workflow, for embedded experiences.

3. Connections 4.5 will ship in March – end of Q1. Six months after the release of Connections 4.

3a. There’s a new fix pack, that delivers the @Mentions capability.

4. Single codestream on SmartCloud and on-premises. Will be fully realized this year.