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Notes on AD402 IBM SmartCloud for Social Business – Iterative Delivery of New Capabilities

Rainer Dammers is talking about SmartCloud for Social Business.

1. There are benefits of cloud-based solutions – quick delivery of new capabilities, good mobile support, etc.
– … weekly (fixes, defects), monthly (incremental enhancements), and quarterly (major new changes) updates
– … what the customer gets is controlled by subscriptions and policy. This helps with slipstreaming adoption.
– … feedback is available immediately – and customers are usually quick to report issues. The developers have been working on it recently, so it’s still fresh in their minds.

2. Compare this to an on-premises product lifecycle:
– … 18-38 months elapse between major releases
– … PLUS additional time for internal validation
– … PLUS 3-6 months rollout
– … EQUALS up to 3 years of lead time, planning, and investment to implement new release.
– … product feedback is significantly delayed.

3. Thus cloud-based delivery has significant benefits compared to on-premises delivery.

4. How does IBM do this?
– … a full embrace of iterative and agile development. Development occurs in regular time boxed iterations.
– … using lots of automation for testing new developments in the context of the existing code base.
– … transparent documentation and communication using social media.

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