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Reporting Structure in IBM Connections

One of the long-standing features in IBM Connections (and previous editions that were called Lotus Connections) is the ability to view the reporting structure of your organization. For someone visiting your profile and trying to figure out where you “fit in,” the reporting structure gives the answer. It shows who you report to, who they report to, who they report to, etc., up to the highest ranking person (such as your CEO). This information is programmatically ingested from a directory system (LDAP, or Microsoft Active Directory), or from your HR system, and is controlled by an IT adminstrator. It’s not normally something that end users can fiddle with.

However, organizations without a consistent directory system – and yes, such organizations do exist (and will continue to exist based on merger and acquisition activity) – have an alternative. JustNudge Software in Australia offer a couple of add on tools for profiles to help out in such situations. The add-on tools are:
– an Update Manager widget, so that a manager can state the employees they manage. Note that it works manager down, rather than employee up. See more.
– an Other Reports widget, for supporting matrix, project, and other alternative views of reporting information.
– a Profile Progress widget, for showing graphically the current completion of a user’s profile, much like you see on LinkedIn.

In the organizations I’m working with for the book, it’s great to hear about the work that’s being put into making profiles work – and the value being derived as a result. This is an area that’s worth getting right.

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