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Doing Business with IBM Connections – December Update

The writing continues for Doing Business with IBM Connections, my current book project. Yesterday I made the decision to add a new chapter to the book, in order to appropriately handle the question of Profiles. I was always going to deal with the collaboration scenario of Finding Expertise, and that is still towards the end of the book. But I’ve had a growing disquiet that I needed to move the topic of setting up your own profile section earlier in the book – because of various practical implications of people who have not filled out their profile. Although it breaks the “perfect” flow of the ten collaboration scenarios that underlie the design of the book, after discussing it with my editor yesterday, I have inserted a new chapter 6 on profiles. This adds 16 pages to the book, and therefore takes the total page count to 384. This is getting long … and better.

I was able to share the draft manuscript – in its current marked-up and messy state – with one of my clients last week. He had about 30 minutes with it, and said that he really liked the emphasis on the business processes and collaboration scenarios people do each day, rather than starting with the features of Connections. That was a cool validation.

So … roll on March 2013. I’m looking forward to having this available for you then.

(I will have a couple of copies at IBM Connect late next month. If you’d like to arrange a time to view the manuscript and give me your feedback – or share a case study of how your organization is making use of Connections – then please get in contact. Thanks.)

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