Getting Through Tough Times

Chris shares his perspective on government assistance:

I have friends trying to get off government assistance. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the trial. One has been separated from his family for several months as his only employment found was in another state. Another fears letting go of his monthly welfare check, desiring some sort of guarantee that other ways to feed his family will be there for him every month.

Both of these situations are difficult. (This is why I don’t apologize for titling my recent article Government Assistance Sucks, because it does.) The temptation is to give in and take the funds. Allowing a little bit of dependency won’t hurt, right? Just to get through this tough time.


It’s a mindset. Government assistance is a powerful sedative to a free and fulfilled life, so it takes a stubborn attitude to resist it.

Michael’s Comments
1. I’ve only recently come across Chris and his work. I like what I hear.

2. Work, contribution, freedom, dependency … these are all big topics that speak deeply to both men and women. I have great admiration for people who fight for their freedom everyday – by getting up and going to work, working hard, serving their families, and contributing to their communities. This is a high calling.

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