Conference Notes

Notes on "Efficient Use of SharePoint" — Sarah Heal (Information Leadership)

In the second to last session of the Working in Collaborative Environments Conference here in Auckland, Sarah Heal from Information Leadership is talking about the efficient use of SharePoint.

Key points:
– Organizations around the world are moving towards integrated platforms for document management, records management, and collaboration. Also, SharePoint use is growing.
– The design when using SharePoint for collaboration, Web content management, document management, and records management are different.
– Need to hide the complexity behind the scenes, and make it possible for people to “do stuff” easily.
– You have to figure out how to bring SharePoint together for the users. What tools from the overall palette of tools are most relevant to particular users / groups?
– a combination of three architectures:
– … business architecture. Sarah sees there being 9 elements to this, eg., purpose, givens, cohesion, etc.
– … information architecture – which capabilities of SharePoint to use, and why?
– … change architecture – getting away from hats and balloons. More about user adoption.