Overcoming the "Too Many Tools Problem"

Over on The Smarter Office, I posted about overcoming the “too many tools problem”:

At the conclusion of a recent presentation on user adoption strategies for new collaborative environments, one of the attendees asked me this question: We have lots of different collaboration products available to use. Is that normal and should we expect it, or does something need to be done about it? It was a well-timed question because a few days earlier I had mindmapped a blog post for The Smarter Office on that very idea—under the banner of how that situation can become a barrier to collaborative working. In other words, if you have too many different tools to work across when collaborating with other people, it can become a barrier rather than an enabler. While newer tools may individually decrease complexity in specific work processes, the proliferation of tools can together overwhelm people with higher complexity.

I talk about three strategies for dealing with this issue.

Read more: overcoming the “too many tools problem”

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