Productivity Delivered (Share 2012, Atlanta)

Gideon Bibliowicz, Senior Product Manager from Microsoft is talking about “Productivity Delivered.” Gideon is now in the SharePoint product team, but spent 14 years in IT in the Israeli army earlier in his career. Was involved in developing a medical system in SharePoint.

Gideon’s key points:
– have sold more than 125 million licenses to over 65,000 customers – in just over 10 years.
– people don’t know enough about what SharePoint can do. Many think it is just a file share.
– 67% of our enterprise customers have deployed SharePoint for everyone. (Gideon didn’t define “enterprise customers,” and what proportion they represent out of the 65,000 customers).
– SharePoint 2010 is rated number 1 for awareness, satisfaction, market share, and likely to recommend.
– guiding principles:
– … (1) redefine collaboration – collaboration is the umbrella term for SharePoint.
– … … improved the user experience, to support self-service.
– … … integrate the social fabric of the organization. Ethos – making the features and functions work where it makes sense.
– … … ability to work with customers and partners through SharePoint – those who are outside of the enterprise.
– … (2) unleash the ecosystem – trained 93,000 individuals at partners in SharePoint 2010 during 2011.
– … … guiding paradigm at SharePoint team – don’t pre-define the platform and how it can be used at different organizations.
– … … aspects – support corporate developers, software vendors, and systems integrators.
– … … Gideon says, “it is no longer the case that it is hard to find a trained SharePoint developer. They are out there.”
– … … partners are available to help make SharePoint successful.
– … … bring in the change management consulting company – to help understand current culture, and how it can be changed going forward.
– … (3) build a world-class platform – “platform” is an over-used term, but it means (1) great out-of-the-box capabilities, and (2) extension points through third-party add-ons and custom development.
– … … aspects – single platform, managed platform, cloud platform
– vision for productivity: the best productivity experience across PC, phone, and browser – and on-premises and/or cloud on your terms.

– industry trends:
– … 84% of organizations have a remote workforce (mobile and distributed work)
– … 4 million millennials enter the workforce each year (multigenerational workforce)
– … 65% of companies are delpoying at least on social software tool (consumerization of IT)
– … … how does SharePoint deliver to this?
– … … … (1) deliver on connected experiences – have all three types of communication: real-time (in a meeting), asynchronous, and serendipitous (IM). Make people productive, not just surprised.
– … … … (2) provide a connected platform – don’t separate things across silos.
– … … … (3) drive business value – by creating intelligent solutions.
– … 70% of IT budgets are spent maintaining inflexible and siloed data center solutions (infrastructure cost and complexity)
– … … it’s hard to drive innovation when 70% of your budget is pre-allocated to “keeping the lights on.”
– … … how does SharePoint help with this?
– … … … (1) provide the business data that users need during their day-to-day work.
– … … … (2) surface data from line-of-business applications in SharePoint; makes it more widely available.

– customer stories:
– … GSK – save money
– … Parkland Hospital – implement business-critical processes. They used SharePoint during the construction process, and the insurance premiums for the project were lowered when the risk assessor saw the connectedness through SharePoint.
– … DuPont – connect people around the world
– … NetHope – supplement scarce IT resources
– … 80% of large enterprise IT managers are at least in trial stage for cloud computing initiatives

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