Adoption & Effective Use

Transforming Your Enterprise with SharePoint (Share 2012, Atlanta)

The biggest challenge in the enterprise – what is SharePoint, and what does it mean for the organization?
– Biggest problem – what is SharePoint? It can mean so many different things.
– Key principle: “Technology provides no benefits of its own; it is the application of technology to business opportunities that produces ROI.”
– Typical implementation – unplanned growth, customization by posers, no executive support, resource constrained, “SharePoint sucks”
– Because of misunderstanding the nature of the platform, we get great problems.
– Four steps to success:
– … (1) Raise awareness of what SharePoint is among executives. Help decision makers understand the value of SharePoint. Help them understand the impact of SharePoint on their business. Eg., helping an organization to shift from managing projects in email to SharePoint project team sites.
– … … from the get-go, look at the key pain points. Meetings, business process automation, single platform, etc.
– … (2) Collaboratively engineer a solution – build solutions, don’t showcase features.
– … … How you approach SharePoint to the business should be solutions focused. Don’t focus on features. Address their business pains.
– … … Get people with the same business needs on the same page.
– … … Don’t call it SharePoint.
– … (3) Assess organizational readiness.
– … … You can’t do it all – what’s the business problem you should work with first? See Dux’s spreadsheet on prioritization of opportunities. Start with out-of-the-box capabilities, then look at third-party add-ons, and only then (as a last resort) go for custom development.
– … … The greatest need for organizations is to hire people who can map business needs / pains to what SharePoint can do. Not for SharePoint administrators and developers.
– … … Change management – governance strategy, training and adoption.
– … (4) Iterative release of SharePoint solutions.
– … … Develop a strategic SharePoint roadmap – what are the solutions, what do you get out of this?
– … … Show the value quickly – helps with buy-in and adoption.
– … … Example – assessing terrorist threats; from Excel to SharePoint.