Conference Notes

RedCentral: Automating Coke Cosolidated's Salesforce (Share 2012, Atlanta)

Jody Billiard and Shawn Olsen are presenting a case study on how Coke Consolidated uses SharePoint to support the salesforce. Jody is the Chief Accounting Officer for Coke Consolidated. Shawn is the senior manager for business systems and customer management systems.

Coke Consolidated – is different from Coca Cola.

Coca Cola – the world’s largest beverage company. Has customers across 200 countries.
Coke Consolidated – an independent bottler, is owned 35% by Coca Cola company. Has over 2000 SharePoint users, out of 5500 employees.
Innovation is at the heart of Coke Consolidated – across products and technology.
About Coke – grow profitably, pursue excellence, serve others, and honor God in all we do (“the principle that ties it all together).
Risks for Coke – raw materials/product costs, stupid consumption habits, government regulations, etc.
– therefore – need to put the right tools in the hands of all employees.

– basically SharePoint
– intranet home page – links to company newsletter, news, core systems, various departments (HR, supply chain, etc.), and load of quick links (for corporate applications)
– sales and delivery on the intranet – the “bread and butter” of our company. This is about 85% of the total SharePoint environment.
– … customer information.
– … workflows for payments to customers and vendors. 12,000 active workflows happen at any given time.
– … customer issue resolution
– … commonly used applications

Red (Right Execution Daily):
– has changed culture and behavior through RED
– it’s a management tool for a variety of processes:
– … deliver consistent service to customers and consumers
– … when doing a job performance review, turned the process into a survey. Makes it easier to complete the review – and take action.
– RED – has a dashboard, reports, and navigation elements
– … dashboard – to show a roll-up of different surveys, with traffic lights to show status.
– … used InfoPath to develop a survey, which are saved into a document library. Are able to use the results to encourage customers to improve their services – by comparing themselves to others that are similar / better.
– … the customer account manager gets an email whenever the survey is completed. Includes overview data, and a link to the survey.
– … have 28 different survey types – eg., customer surveys, job performance reviews, etc.
– … use Excel 2010 with slicers to analyze what’s going on across the surveys.
– have a customer data search capability – works across many devices. Many people from the workforce are mobile.
– gives the salesforce immediate access to customer information – great for making decisions at Coke, and for customers.

– previous ways of collaborating and sharing information were manual and very decentralized.
– now – SharePoint is the single-most critical technology environment for salesforce.
– gives employees the tools for best in class performance initiatives.