Conference Notes

Delivering Success with SharePoint: Jumpstart Session (Share2012, Atlanta)

Dux is kicking off the Share 2012 conference in Atlanta. The conference starts tomorrow morning, and this afternoon is the pre-conference jumpstart. There’s about 180 people attending.

Key points from Dux:
– there have been lots of SharePoint licenses sold over the past 10 years, but 80% of installations see it as the new file server.
– (1) SharePoint empowers the business user. They can create project sites without having to wait on IT.
– … What’s so empowering about SharePoint? There are many other things that could be used – Basecamp, Joomla, etc. What’s so great about SharePoint?
– … It integrates with other Microsoft products, eg, Outlook for calendaring.
– (2) SharePoint enables the business – for automating processes, or developing solutions.
– … Eg., the onboarding process in HR. Shifting from email (and chaos) to SharePoint. Very easy to use out-of-the-box workflows for routing items. With Visio Services, you can even visualize what’s happening.
– … Eg., compliance for financial data.
– … “Office Web Apps. Same thing – just better. Scratch that – just better.”
– (3) SharePoint enables the whole team to work together.
– … Eg., document co-authoring.
– … – for tracking what’s happening with the US government federal stimulus bill.
– (4) SharePoint unifies collaboration – intranet, project management, public website, extranet, and more.
– … Content approval – for items that have to be changed, but need to be signed off.

– Closing – why SharePoint for my enterprise?
– … (1) how can I empower business users?
– … (2) how can I enable my business using this platform?
– … (3) how can I unify my business?