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Samsung S Pen for Digital Ink

Michael analyzes the Samsung S Pen, that complements the Samsung Galaxy Note:

What I really like about the S Pen, though, is that Samsung has integrated the input device with a set of applications. You can, of course, write notes with the pen, and Samsung’s marketers point out that many consumers who carry around multiple smart devices also carry around a notepad for writing down ideas. It’s easier than typing on a tiny keyboard. You can also sketch with the S Pen, and you can integrate your drawings and your notes with other applications. For example, you can write things in your own hand on photos, add hand-drawn arrows (“This is our room!”) and do things like draw a rough map that you might otherwise grab a cocktail napkin for.

The stylus with my Tablet PCs was one of its best features. I miss having a fine point stylus when working with my iPad.

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