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Jive for Customer Service

Jive will be releasing a version of its social business software tailored at the customer service scenario in organizations:

The product, which will be called Jive Social Customer Service Solution, will include native integration with CRM (customer relationship management) and case management applications, social media monitoring capabilities, mobile access and elements of play intended to promote usage through “gamification.”

The goal is to provide immediate, tangible results by reducing the amount of in-house customization needed to make the software useful, according to Jive officials.

The product will contain components from the company’s existing Jive products, including its flagship Jive Social Business Software (SBS) enterprise social-networking platform.

Jive Social Customer Service Solution includes all the software needed to run it, so companies don’t need to have any other Jive products for it to work.

It’s coming later in March.

– It’s always a good move to make the applicability of your offerings easy to understand to specific target markets. Branding the product in this light facilitates this.
– This could be a way for Jive to get its software into organizations that already have a “platform” for collaboration – such as SharePoint. By making something that deals with a tight use case, and showing immediate out-of-the-box value, it will allow for the customer service manager / VP to make the purchase a line item in their budget.
– If a given organization purchases multiple vertical applications from Jive, getting the different systems to talk together will be a mess in the days to come.

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