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TIBCO Improves Decision Making Through Collaboration

TIBCO is showing off Version 4.0 of Spotfire, its business intelligence engine this week in London. Version 4.0 has collaborative capabilities to improve decision making:

Attendees are invited to the TIBCO Spotfire booth #14 to learn how Spotfire 4.0 expands the traditional boundaries of analytics by delivering contextual and social collaboration capabilities that put data insights and findings within relevant business context.

In an article from November, these capabilities are explained as:

The new social collaboration features in Spotfire 4.0 are enhanced by TIBCO’s enterprise social computing platform, tibbr. With Spotfire 4.0 users can actively follow an analysis subject or author, create a new discussion workspace around an insight or decision, embed a discussion thread into an analysis or even initiate video conferencing or desktop sharing via a single click to initiate a live Spotfire Meeting.

Also available in this version is contextual collaboration, a new way of putting analysis in the right business context so individuals and groups can do more meaningful analysis, discover more important insights and make better decisions.

These are good, foundational capabilities to support collaboration between people.

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