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Clayton Utz Signs with HighQ for Client Collaboration

Clayton Utz, a law firm in Australia, signed with HighQ for client collaboration, citing the ease of setting up client collaboration sites as the key driver:

The HighQ platform combines secure document management and exchange with social tools such as wikis and blogs.

“One of the things we liked most about Collaborate was the fact that we can quickly set up and configure a site to a meet client’s specific needs with very little effort. A simple document sharing site can be built and shared literally in a matter of minutes. More complex sites take a little more effort, but that’s really just ticking boxes and settings to make it do what you want.” said James Kleinig, Technology & Innovation Manager at Clayton Utz.

James also commented that “the features and services we are now able to share with our clients are making a positive difference to how we provide online services to our clients. The document management capabilities are excellent, the WorkSite integration takes away a lot of the internal maintenance effort and the social and data management features have allowed us to build some really interesting and useful sites for our clients.”

HighQ Collaborate is cloud-based solution, and Clayton Utz additionally opted for global web acceleration, which means that wherever the application is accessed from, it will feel responsive and fast, as though it is hosted locally to the user. For Clayton Utz, which acts for international clients, this was an essential feature.

My $0.02. The ability to quickly set up client extranet sites by “ticking boxes and settings” is standard fare on a whole raft of these types of services – it would be interesting to know what else was explored, and how thoroughly. Given HighQ’s focus on the legal market, that sounds like a higher level driver for Clayton Utz to sign up than any specific feature.

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