PleaseTech Announced PleaseAuthor – for Structured Authoring

PleaseTech announced the introduction of PleaseAuthor, a structured authoring product:

PleaseTech Ltd, a specialist solutions provider for collaborative document authoring and review, today announced the introduction of PleaseAuthor, a major new component-based authoring solution. PleaseAuthor will be available alongside the company’s flagship product, PleaseReview.

With a planned release date for the second quarter of this year, PleaseAuthor will greatly enhance the document production process by providing users with a simple to use method for the creation of Microsoft Word documents. Inspired by DITA principles to facilitate content re-use in the Word environment, templates are generated from which new documents are created, complete with predefined structure and style, such as layout, heading levels etc., and other Word attributes. In addition, the product’s comprehensive reporting capabilities will provide an audit trail of which content has been used and where, whilst also allowing comparison between the usage and editing of individual content items.

PleaseTech have done a very nice job with its online service for content review and co-authoring. Kudos to the company for expanding its capabilities in new areas.

Note, too, that PleaseAuthor will be available for on-premise installation as well as via a hosted service.

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One thought on “PleaseTech Announced PleaseAuthor – for Structured Authoring

  1. Thanks Michael, as with PleaseReview, PleaseAuthor will be available for installation inside the corporate firewall or as a cloud service. I look forward to providing you with a demo at some point. Regards, drc.

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