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SharePoint on the iPad – SouthLabs Acquired by Infragistics

With more-and-more professionals carrying and actively using the Apple iPad, SouthLabs offered a good solution – called SharePlus – for gaining access to Microsoft SharePoint. The company was recently acquired by Infragistics:

Infragistics, the user experience software company and a world leader in user interface (UI) development tools, announced today the acquisition of SouthLabs, developers of SharePlus, the mobile SharePoint app. Through the acquisition, Infragistics expands its business solutions further into the enterprise and empowers professionals to access and turn SharePoint data into action — in the office, at home and on the road.

SharePlus Lite, a free version, enables business users to navigate corporate information while on the road, read documents offline and view e-mail, calendars, IM, video conferencing and shared documents by connecting to Office 365.

SharePlus Pro builds on SharePlus Lite with added features of read and write to shared documents on SharePoint, auto-sync of offline documents when a connected environment is restored, Passcode Lock, WiFi sharing and management of local files.

SharePlus Enterprise is the most robust offering in this suite and provides enterprises with added security such as multi-factor authentication and remote swipe to keep company intelligence private. The configuration broadcast enables enterprise IT to configure application settings once and push to all corresponding devices, freeing up IT resources for other efficiency-enhancing projects. With customizable options, enterprises can augment or trim features, including application rebranding to company specifications. Premium support is offered with SharePlus Enterprise.

Good move. Note that Colligo also offers a SharePoint client for the iPad.