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UpMo for Enterprise Career Planning and Opportunity Discovery

UpMo’s Social Talent Engine from UpMo on Vimeo.

UpMo released the UpMo Social Talent Engine, to help organizations match job opportunities to the skills, capabilities, and interests of employees:

UpMo empowers employees to translate dreams to actions by finding their next career move within their company, not outside. UpMo keeps employees off external job boards by unleashing the hidden (and, until now elusive) connection between the career passions of employees with the short- and long-term needs of the business. With UpMo, companies thwart off the continuous churn of their best and brightest talent.

Read more at Fast Company.

In terms of collaboration technology frameworks, see Foundation 1 in the Four Foundations in Collaboration Roadmap (2011) for where I see UpMo fitting in.

(Note to UpMo – no more press releases as Word documents please)

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  1. Michael: Thanks for featuring UpMo on your site. It’s been a crazy week with tons of traction and customer interest. Have a great weekend!
    PS. Press Release link was updated too 😉