(Intranets2011) "Socializing SharePoint" – Daniel McPherson, Zevenseas

Daniel from Zevenseas talked about socializing SharePoint at Intranets2011.

Key point:
– What is social computing? Does it mean anything? Daniel believes there is a lot of snake oil, but equally, there is value here.
– In the old days, knowledge management was about taking knowledge out of people’s heads and putting it into databases. The innovation happened inside the companies.
– Now, innovation is happening outside firms, on the Internet.
– The question: How do we bring this innovation inside the organization?
– The tools we have for communication inside the organization break down very quickly. We need to change the tools, so they are more open and social.
– Daniel demonstrated some things:
– … The integration between SharePoint 2010 profiles and LinkedIn.
– … Encouraging user adoption, by rewarding them for doing things on the Intranet.
– … Twitter-style updates within SharePoint 2010, through a Zevenseas add-in.
– Social analytics helps us see what’s going on – happiness, sickness, etc.

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