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(Intranets2011) "Designing a Governance Framework in the Real World" – Damien Battisson, DEEWR

After lunch here at Intranets2011, Damien from DEEWR talking about designing a governance framework in the real world.

Key points:
– There are different forces pushing and pulling when doing Intranet governance. It feels “weird” and “confusing.”
– Argument1: We’re looking at governance the wrong way. There’s lots of things to do.
– Argument2: Governance isn’t about getting from “current state” to “future state.” It’s not about ending up somewhere.
– Argument3: We’re not trying to end up at governance (a destination). Instead, think about it as “to steer.”
– Possible destinations that you might want to journey towards via governance – transparency, expertise, etc.
– Roadmap to governance –
– … (a) ownership
– … (b) governance committee
– … (c) strategy
– … (d) governance framework
– … (e) enforce the rules
– … (f) user feedback
– … (g) eye to the future

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