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Lifehack on Productivity Tips

Lifehack recently published 12 productivity tips from famous people. There are sections for writers, business people, and thinkers and artists. For the writers section, here are two tips:

2. Slow and Steady: Stephen King has explained that he always writes 10 pages a day, every day of the year (even holidays). His slow and steady approach to project management has ensured that he has a steady stream of new works entering the marketplace, and he is one of the most prolific modern authors working in America today.

3. Get Up Early: Writers like Mary Higgins Clark and Sylvia Plath started writing at 5 am and 4 am each day, respectively. Both women had small children, and those early moments in the day were the only time they had to pursue their writing careers. Writer Denison Hatch forced himself to write just 500 words per day before starting his day job, and ultimately sold three novels.

The first 11 tips are good, but 12 is too far out. And in terms of tip 2 above, ten pages a day isn’t “slow and steady.” Try “Steadily Prolific” instead.

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  1. Good points! I like most Bill Gates’s words. I usually do plan things but it’s better to put certain deadlines for goals or to find a way to act right away or else you will lose the will to do it later.