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SugarSync Updates its iPhone/iPad App

SugarSync announced a major revision to its iPhone and iPad app:

Have you ever been responding to an email on your iPhone and iPad and realized that you need to attach an important file? This is a real challenge when the file is trapped on your computer back at the office. SugarSync has this covered with our new iOS app – now you can grab a public link to ANY file in your SugarSync account, right from your iPhone or iPad. Just go to the file in SugarSync, copy the link, and paste it in your email. The person you’re sending the email to doesn’t need to be a SugarSync user to download it, and you can send files of nearly any size.

My Comments
1. SugarSync is a wonderful tool – for file synchronization. I use it extensively, to synchronize 7 GB of data across multiple computers. It’s a fantastic offering, and I pay them money happily for the peace of mind they give me in my work. Basically, I can pick up any of my machines, walk out for a day or more, and have all of my work available.

2. The mobile clients have been “okay,” but this update looks good. I really like the ease of being able to right-click in Mac Finder to get the public link to a file, and then include that in an email. SugarSync have enabled this same interaction design in iPhone and iPad too.

3. DropBox is another option – some people use that instead of SugarSync. A week or so before the Christchurch earthquake in February, one of my business colleagues finally ditched their file server and moved everything to DropBox. They were based in one of the buildings that is still off limits, but because the files were in DropBox rather than the office, they just shifted home and kept working. That’s a great story.

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  1. Sugarsync was great before, but with these two new apps it has gotten even better. I personally have been using Sugarsync for a long time now and am more than happy. Not only are they cheaper than most of its competitors, they also offer by far the best product in the market today.
    Also, if you use the following link to sign up for Sugarsync, you now get 5.5 GB of free online storage forever:
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